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Perfect Game 12×12 Summer Fun League

FAQ and Registration Page

We’re excited to have you  join our Perfect Game Summer 12×12 league! The league starts May 9, 2024 and runs for 12 weeks. If you’re familiar with the format go ahead and sign up below. If you’ve never bowled in a 12×12 with us before, here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions:

When does the league bowl?

This league bowls every Thursday night at 6:30pm starting on May 9 and runs for 12 weeks through the Summer. 

What does 12x12 mean?

12×12 means the league fees each week are $12 per person, and the league bowls a 12 week season. The league is paid in full up front – $144 per person – you must be fully paid by the first week of the season.

Do I need to have a full team to join the league?

If you do not have a full team please call us directly at 248-478-2230 and we can try to place you on a team.

What happens if I miss a week?

If you miss a week your score will count as your average minus 10.

Is it fun?

YES! It’s a ton of fun for everyone! This is a social, laid back, fun league for bowlers of all skill levels. You do not need to be a good bowler to join the league and enjoy yourself all Summer long. Sign up below!

What happens at the end of the season?

The last week of the season we will throw a pizza party for all the teams that participated and hand out trophies to the first place team. The final week is a “fun week”, so everyone plays 9-pin no tap and celebrates the end of the season!

Is this a USBC sanctioned league?

This league is not sanctioned by the USBC. This is a non-competitive fun league, so your average will not count towards your tournament or full season average.

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Stop in and join the fun with the Perfect Game Summer 12×12 League!

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